Freestyle Bio

Freestyle Handle/Nickname


Why do you freestyle?

freestyling is a talent i acquired as a sophomore in high school, my lvl for hip hop and rap music sparked the interest and watching others kick dope stuff made me wanna do what they could, so i taught myself. rapping to express emotion has always been a way to vent out irritation and anger, the best comes from emotion in my opinion.

What got you into freestyling?

T.I. album Paper trails was the first album i owned, it was given to me by a good friend and i memorized it. after that i began to explore, watching interviews and listening to music to expand my knowledge on the genre. i started to listen to beat tapes and would rap with buddies and to myself.

What topics do you often freestyle about?

My home state of Alaska, marijuana, love, family, anger, religion, past memories, it really depends on mood

Will you only post UNWRITTEN freestyles recorded by you or a friend?

Yes, of course

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