How significant and important do you think battle rapping is to Hip Hop

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    When it comes to battle rap I love it. I think battle rap embodies everything about Hip Hop. Freestyling,wordplay punchlines,Cadence, flow, energy, getting the crowd hype, it encompasses everything about Hip Hop. At the same time I still don’t think that battle rap gets it’s just do.Don’t get me wrong I think it’s increasing and I feel like it’s getting to a mainstream level, but I feel like it hasn’t reached that yet. Channels such as king of the DOT, URL, DON’T FLOP Etc. They are just now getting into the 500,000 to the 600,000 subscribers. But I feel when people watch it it just ask too many questions, like what is he talking about or what is a mook who is disaster who is Lush one who are these people that these people are referencing. I feel like sometimes the punchline is go over most people’s heads. I feel like people just need to do their, research and appreciate battle rap for what it is because it is hip-hop and its truest form



    In my opinion, battle rap is very significant/important to rap. I believe it is the positives of rapping put into one style of hip-hop + a fun way to compete with others with the same hobby (other people who battle-rap as a hobby).

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