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WELCOME to, the internet's first and only freestyle rap social network. Phew! This has been a long time coming. As we kick this thing off and hope for the best, it's important to remember that a community is only as strong as its members. We all gotta respect each another & be constructive. Please bring any issues or concerns to the attention of site admins. The success of this project ultimately depends on the strength of the freestyle community. So check in from time to time... and stay spitting!

BTW, there are currently just two moderators of the Freestyle Forum (Reddit users SuperStrangeLoop and no_downside/"dammit_dan"), and we'll be looking to add a few more. That Forum is thirsty, so go drop some wisdom on freestyling there.

What is this place?!

  • A place for people who love to freestyle but don't give a damn about labels like "good" or "bad"
  • A place to share your freestyles
  • A place to connect w/ others who love to freestyle
  • A place that operates like a social network (comments, likes, groups, @mentions, friend requests, favorites, etc.). Get notified when someone you follow posts a freestyle, etc. Think of this site as a freestyle rap Facebook.
  • Host of The Freestyle Forum which can be whatever you guys want it to be. The forum, like the site, is meant to bring together those of us with an itch for freestyle rap.
  • A place that is what it needs to be. Freestyle doesn't really have an internet niche. Let's give it one. Suggestions on how to improve this site are encouraged (share your ideas in the forum).

Mission inherits a philosophy similar to /r/freestylerap... We believe freestyle is about expression, introspection, and improvisation; not about being the best. Freestyling is a window into someone's mind. Freestyles are not "good" or "bad" — they are just interesting. And the only thing more entertaining than a "dope" freestyle, is a "bad" one. Those who appreciate freestyle rap in all of its many forms are welcome in this little freestyle community.
Register/login to share your freestyles with the world! Once logged in, you can Upload your bad (or good) freestyles.


  1. RESPECT THE GOLDEN RULE - Listen to and comment on others' freestyles if you wish for your own freestyles to be heard and recognized.
  2. NO WRITTEN FREESTYLES - Freestyles must be "off-the-top" (i.e. improvised).
  3. ONLY POST YOUR FREESTYLES - Only upload freestyles by you and/or your friends.


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